Colombia - Inmaculada 150g

900.00 ฿

Part of a series of specially processed coffee by legendary Jake Hu, founder of Taster’s Coffee and World Brewers Cup Championship Head-Judge & World Roasting Championship Head-Judge. Beyond the fermentation process, Jake Hu signature processing recipe is all about elevating terroir flavors

Whole BeanWhole Bean
Grind for FilterGrind for Filter
Grind for EspressoGrind for Espresso

Region: Cauca > Cali > Pichinde
Altitude:  1,200 - 1,700 m.a.s.l
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Farm: Finca Inmaculada
Producer: Julian Holguin
Process: Natural developed by Jake Hu
Lot no: Authentic microlot “Fellow Farms”

We taste: Kiwi / Mango / Papaya / Green Apple