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        Panama - Finca Hartmann 100g

        The Hartmann family is considered one of the pioneers of specialty coffee production in Panama. Each member of the family is passionately involved in the management and actively in different functions in the cultivation, production, quality control, marketing and tourism offer of the farm.

        Panama - Finca Carmen 100g

        Finca Carmen Estate has won multiple awards in the well known world wide competition, Best of Panama

        Panama - Ninety Plus Perci 100g

        Coffee from Ninety Plus Estate was started to be used every year in World Barista Championships or World Brewers Cup. The farm proves that coffee can be utilized to reforest and sustain tropical lands while producing the highest valued coffees in the world.

        Colombia - El Paraiso Land of Diversity 150g

        El Paraiso have developed advanced fermentation and washing techniques which you'll enjoy in this coffee.

        Ethiopia - Bensa Shantawene 200g

        Last year, Assefa brothers coffee become quite successful, scored 89.21 points in the first CUP OF EXCELLENCE ETHIOPIA 2020 and placed on rank #7 with variety 74158 processed natural.

        Colombia - Delagua 200g

        The Delagua Coffee Paradise concept is founded on the ideals of conservation of water, biodiversity protection and sharing value through processing techniques and market access.