Ecuador - Hacienda Santa Gertrudis 150g

800.00 ฿

Typica Mejorado, surprisingly doesn't have only Typica genetics, instead it’s most similar with the bourbon Sidra, another common varietal in Ecuador, which after constant research we found out that both have genetics make up that consist Geisha and Ethiopia Indigenous varietals.

Whole BeanWhole Bean
Grind for FilterGrind for Filter
Grind for EspressoGrind for Espresso

Region: Vilcabamba > Malacatos > Loja
Altitude: 1,620 - 1,720 m.a.s.l
Variety: Typica Mejorado
Farm: Hacienda Santa Gertrudis
Producer: Jose Luis Eguiguren
Process: Washed 
Lot no: Exclusive microlot

We taste: Red Apple // Cherries // Plum // Kumquat